LED Hoop – Super Bright/Remote Controlled


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Our LED Hula Hoops from FunFX, they are very durable, bright and come with mains charger and remote.

  • Super Bright RGB LEDS
  • Remote Controlled
  • Over 300 Different Colour Combinations
  • Variable Speed for all patterns/changing effects and colours
  • Colors include pink, blue, green, white, cyan, yellow, magenta, orange, and red along with many changing effects and patterns
  • A user friendly coil down LED Travel Hoop style construction for easy transporting
  • FunFX LED hoops have 4 Lithium batteries inbuilt and are well balanced
  • Charging takes up to 4 hours approx and will indicate when fully charged from the handy LED light on the mains charger
  • For longer battery Life charge fully before first use
  • Operating times can differ but normally between 2-4 hours approximately depending on number of LED, charge and functions used

Our FunFX LED Hoops are sent coiled down so we recommend leaving uncoiled for a while or using once received to let the Hoops resume and find their perfect circle shape if need be

When not in use we recommend not leaving coiled down for long periods of time, coil down when traveling, leave whole when not in use


  • Hoop Material: HDPE
  • Tube Wide: 20mm
  • One RF wireless remote controller
  • Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery. 4 *550ma
  • One mains style smart charger (US pin style with Australian converter included)
  • Type of lighting used: 5050 SMD RGB LEDs

We have 3 sizes to choose from

  1. 90cm diameter with 80 LEDs
  2. 90cm diameter with 160 LEDs
  3. 76cm diameter with 136 LEDs

90cm diameter with 80 LEDs, 90cm diameter with 160 LEDs, 76cm diameter with 136 LEDs


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