The Chiller – Sacred Flower


Your Personal Cooling Towel

150cm x 75cm

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The Chiller – Your Personal Cooling Cloth

Design:  Sacred flower

Size:  150cm x 75cm

The Chiller works by retaining moisture without feeling wet to touch, while it cools the wearer instantly.

This cooling sensation can last 1-3 hours as long as there is moisture in the fabric. Occasional reactivation may be required once all the moisture has evaporated.

Simple to use –

  • Wet it!
  • Wring it!
  • Wave it!
  • Wear it to stay cool!
  • Repeat to Reactive

For even cooler results (pun intended), place the pre-activated cooling towel in the freezer. Within minutes your cool towel will be frozen, but remain pliable and can be placed over you once again!

There are no chemicals, crystals or polymers. The cooling comes from the controlled evaporation taking place in the fabric.

The Chiller is also machine washable and can be dried using low heat or air. However, we do not recommend fabric softener as it may clog the fabric.