UV Reactive Parasol – Mind Storm


New Range by Flowwolf … Summer 2023/2024

Our parasols are beautifully made of natural bamboo and Oxford blend polyester. The colours are super vibrant and glow incredibly bright under a UV  lights. (blue/black light). In daytime, even the U.V. radiation contained in sunshine makes the colours “POP!”

Perfect for festivals.  Visually stunning anytime day or night but amazing under black lights.

It’s the perfect addition to any outfit to help you stay cool while you’re tearing it up at the festivals!

  • Exclusive bright vibrant design for The Outdoor Fun Shop by Flowwolf ™
  • Massively UV Reactive under black lights
  • Hand made, light weight, beautifully crafted quality
  • Strong, natural bamboo ribs & frame made from environmentally sustainable bamboo regrowth forests in natural wood finish
  • Our fabric is a satin finished Oxford cloth & polyester blend using recycled PET materials giving superior moisture, wind, and U.V. performance.
  • (Recycled PET uses 60% less energy and 32 % less resources than virgin polyester materials.)
  • Blocks up to 80% of the harmful UV radiation from the sun to protect your skin.
  • Water resistant, will not be damaged by light showers
  • Width 82cm (when opened)
  • Height 61cm


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