UV Reactive Kapow Hand Fan


Perfect for the dance floor, festival and anytime SASS is desired!  Visually stunning anytime day or night but amazing under black lights.

Our festival folding fans are high-quality, durable folding fan made with a sturdy Bamboo frame.  Which effortlessly flicks Open with a loud CLACK! Sound.

It’s the perfect addition to any outfit to help you stay cool while you’re tearing it up at the festivals!

  • Glows under and black light/UV Reactive
  • Effortlessly Flick Open and Close
  • Makes Loud CLACK! Sound When Opened
  • Black A Grade Bamboo Ribs and polyester fabric
  • Durable Steel Rivet
  • Strong Material
  • Water Resistant
  • Width 66cm (when opened)
  • Height 34cm



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