LED POI Balls Set (6 Mode)


This listing is for a set of poi balls (includes 2 balls)


Poi balls are a beautifully simple illumination of the joy of movement, whether through dance or simply “flowing” through your body’s articulated performance.

You don’t have to be spiritual or esoteric to completely and utterly enjoy the amazing light patterns you can create just by swinging two illuminated orbs through the air.

Apart from the incredible benefits as physical activity, the art of poi captivates an audience and adds to your dance expression.

These Poi are softballs that won’t hurt if you “smack” yourself while practising a new technique.

With 6 colour functions provided by the bright RGB lights, they offer mesmerising colour and patterns to reflect your mood and the performance you want to give.

Strong and robust to take almost any mistake you make during practice or full flow high energy spinning, you will love these.

All of our Poi comes complete with batteries and twin finger loops ready for you to express yourself.


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