IlluminArty … UV Reactive Rainbow Body Crayon


  • safe & fun and creatively beautiful for all ages
  • neon UV reactive
  • easy to apply, easy to remove
  • water washable
  • you can apply to your face, body, and even your hair!
  • size of crayon 65mm x 15mm
  • fully tested and certified compliant with the Australian Standards


These brilliantly coloured, easy to use crayons are simply beautiful.

Simple one pass drawing creates a highly visible rainbow swathe of colour on your face or body which fluoresces under UV illumination.

Even sunlight on a cloudy day makes the UV Rainbow Body Crayon light up.

Colour yourself, your T-Shirts, café menu boards or almost any other surface.

Easy to wash off with just water or soap.

If you don’t have a unicorn in your backyard, you need a rainbow in your pocket!


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