GloFX Imagine Wormhole Kaleidoscope Glasses – Silver


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  • Sleek Vintage Look with Hand-Polished Silver Metal Frame
  • Lightweight Design with Real Rainbow-Fumed Crystals
  • Center Viewing Area for Increased Visibility
  • Smooth Plastic Ends for Extra Comfort
  • Free Microfiber Cleaning Case Included
  • Designed and Manufactured Exclusively by GloFX

GloFX Imagine Wormhole Kaleidoscope Glasses will take you back to the 60’s in style. Inspired by the hippie counterculture movement and housed in a sleek but sturdy metal frame, the lenses are just as beautiful to look at as they are to look through. The lenses are made thinner, providing additional comfort, and features a flat viewing area in the middle that allows for clarity in your vision while stimulating your peripheral.

GloFX Imagine Wormhole Kaleidoscope Glasses are thin & lightweight with smooth & stylish ends, allowing you to wear them for extended periods of time. The metal frame with steel hinges is designed to protect your glasses from accidental drops, and is easy to transport! These glasses are perfect for music lovers, kaleidoscope enthusiasts, and more! You’ll be sure to stand out in any crowd.

Imagine seeing the world through kaleidoscopic vision with these fashionable, trippy, hippie glasses.

To ensure that your glasses stay clean and protected, a GloFX Microfiber Cleaning and Carrying Case is included with every pair.

Note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, there may be very small variations.

Disclaimer:  When used improperly GloFX toys can be dangerous, please be aware that when using Diffraction and Kaleidoscope glasses your vision will be impaired. Do not wear GloFX glasses while driving or operating machinery, do not run or look directly at the sun while you are using our products. Under no circumstances will The Outdoor Fun Shop & affiliates be held liable for any damages or expenses by reason of use or sale of their products.


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