GloFX Clear ULTIMATE Kaleidoscope Glasses – Rainbow Bug Eye


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• Real Glass Crystals

• Brand New Bug Eye Lens with Rainbow Spectrum Technology (RST)

• GloFX’s True-Flex PVC Frame

• Lightweight Flat-Back Design

• Water-Resistant

• High-Quality Craftsmanship

• Microfiber Cleaning Case Included

• Designed and Manufactured Exclusively by GloFX

• Assembled in the USA

• Australian Stock

The Bug Eye lens is an all-new GloFX design. The Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses is for any fractal glasses connoisseur.

The lens allows for the light to be split into multiple angles or a traditional image, depending on the angle in which you view them. Never before has there been such a vast variety of imagery from one set of glasses.

Their redesigned glass crystals utilize our Rainbow Spectrum Technology (RST), to create a different array of colours at every angle. The Bug Eye crystal allows for more clarity while maintaining an intense kaleidoscopic effect and a deep pallet of colours. RST paired with GloFX real glass Bug Eye crystal helps refract light from different directions. They have developed their crystals with RST to provide the revolution in fractal kaleidoscopic eyewear.

For years, Kaleidoscope Glasses have been limited to a perfectly circular lens and frame. GloFX has created a lens that works with their best housing, the Ultimate True-Flex PVC Frame. The user can now see a wider view of rich prismatic colours with their most popular frame style.

Each pair of Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses is hand-assembled in the USA with superior craftsmanship. These unique rainbow fractal glasses are exclusively designed and manufactured by GloFX.

Disclaimer: When used improperly GloFX toys can be dangerous, please be aware that when using Diffraction and Kaleidoscope glasses your vision will be impaired. Do not wear GloFX glasses while driving or operating machinery, do not run or look directly at the sun while you are using our products. Under no circumstances will The Outdoor Fun Shop & affiliates be held liable for any damages or expenses by reason of use or sale of their products.


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