Flow Grease


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* GloFX Flow Grease

* Exclusive Silicone-Based Formula

* Liquid Light Show Lubricant

* Non-Toxic

* 1 Fluid Ounce

* Apply Lightly For Tangle-Free Flow

* To Be Used on Space Whips and Flow Products

* Enhance Your Flow!

Flow Grease is a new way to enhance your flow from GloFX. Flow Grease is a lubricant used for your Space Whips’ fibre or other flow props. This product will prevent tangling of your fibers, which can seriously throw your flow off. Apply one pump in your hand and coat the fibers. It’s just like putting the product in your hair! This product is made to be used on your GloFX Space Whip or similar flow products. Not for personal use.


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