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With the eLite Flow Levitation Wand, you’ll put wizards to shame.

Simply loop the subtle black string around your finger and use the tension to create the illusion of a floating wand of light. Using eLite Flow chip technology, the wand can automatically switch between 8 unique flashing patterns of up to 3 colours at once. Float it, drag it, stall it, spin it, dance with it – keep ’em guessing.

You’ve got the power of levitation in your hands.

Each Levitation Wand is balanced and weighted for a light and stable flow. It comes with two eLite Flow Chips, which are inserted into the rubber caps on each end of the wand. You will also receive metal washers to place beneath the chips for extra weight and stability.

eLite Flow Levitation Wand Specs

  • 26″ Wand length
  • 0.5″ diameter
  • 13″ String Length
  • Faux Leather Finger Loop – Swivel Built-in
  • Weight 120g
  • Batteries –  4 x 1620 included
  • Updated: Now with *Clear* End Caps for a brighter glow!

The eLite Flow Levitation Wand spins like a dream. With a solid acrylic build and tons of customizable options, you can’t find another flow wand with such rich features anywhere else on the market. 4 CR1620 batteries and instructions included.

Please Note: The art and illusion of levitation wand (or “leviwand”) can be expressed through a wide variety of body movements. The eLite Flow Levitation Wand is designed for a gentle and intentional flow including body wraps, perches and stalls.  However, when using the eLite Flow Levitation Wand, we recommend flow artists do not drop, knock, toss or aggressively bounce the wand off of their bodies or objects. This could risk damaging the wand’s acrylic body.


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