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Life and wine are better at the beach.

Meet our fun new product, a reusable slide on base that stabilises your wine glasses on uneven outdoor (or indoor!) surfaces. These lightweight babies can be used at the beach, around the pool or boat, on a picnic, at a festival, around the bbq and deck, or wherever, That’s the point!

The perfect gift for yourself, your mum, dad, grandparents and friends! (especially the clumsy ones!).

This collection displays beachy colour tones to add a fresh and cool colour pop to your wine while keeping your glass safe from uneven surfaces, winds and knocks! And all the while recognizing which is yours (yay for different colours!).

You will receive:

– 4 different coloured slide on wine glass stabilisers – colours include: aqua, blue, grass and gold (check out our other collections for different colour options!)

– 1 cute blue drawstring linen carry bag – which packs neatly down.

– Instructions for how to place wine glass in our handy stabiliser.


Will They Fit Your Glass?

The glass on the Grass™ is designed to fit most standard wine glasses. They also fit on plastic wine glasses that have the same proportions as standard glass wine glasses. They are not recommended for tall or extra-large glasses or glasses with extra thick stems.

Can They Be Reused?

Yes! They are made from durable, BPA free, food-grade K-Resin, designed for repeat use. Reuse them time and time again but when the time comes to replace them they are 100% recyclable.

To clean them just give them a rinse in warm soapy water and keep out of direct sunlight when not in use (the supplied bag is perfect for easy and portable storage).

Where are they made?

Designed and developed in Australia by Glass on the Grass by Breathe Create. Made in The Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

How do They Work?

A Glass on the Grass base increases the surface area of the bottom of the glass. Unlike other solutions on the market, they stay on your glass so you are free to move around and put your glass down almost anywhere which makes them great for socialising.

Originally designed for grass, they work on almost any surface, as long as it is relatively flat. They are ideal for picnics, BBQs. backyard entertaining, outdoor events, camping and festivals. They are designed to support a standard wine glass with a standard pour.


While the product decreases the likelihood of a spill, it won’t prevent spills in all cases.


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