10 Pkts Mystical Fire


The Original – 25g/Pkt

You will receive 10pkts Mystical Fire 25g/packet

So easy to use, so beautiful to watch.

Simply throw 1-4 packets into your open fire and create an awesome display of magical, mystical, coloured flames.

The long-lasting colours run from blue and green, to pink, purple, orange, yellow and turquoise.

It amazes the kids, delights your friends and soothes your senses while you sit by the fire in peace.

Mystical Fire is heat activated, so the bigger or hotter the fire, the more packs you use and the more intense the colour you create.

Ideal in campfires and small bonfires, it’s also widely used in braziers, chimaeras and enclosed fireplaces.

It has no use by or expiry date, so even if it sits in your camping box for a year, throw it into your next fire, and Voila!. . beautiful coloured flames.

Each packet weighs 25g

DO NOT cook over colour flames, DO NOT open packets

Read instructions carefully and keep out of the reach of children