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UV Glitter - Face & Body

 : UV Glitter Shaker
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Candy Pink : UV Glitter ShakerChampagne Pink : UV Glitter ShakerIce Blue : UV Glitter Shaker : UV Glitter ShakerPeach Paradise : UV Glitter ShakerSherbert Lemon : UV Glitter Shaker

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UV Glitter Shaker

Brand : Paintglow

Six magical shades of UV glitter means that you’ll never struggle to match your sheen to your shoes ever again. We have everything from Peach Paradise to Champagne Pink to delight all your glitzy needs. PaintGlow’s UV Glitter Shaker range is also:

* Easy to use

* Has a perforated cap

* 100% cruelty free

* UK made

* UV reactive

Expert Tip: Be as precise as you can, but embrace the mistakes. Unless you’re a seasoned pro, you’re not going to get every single speckle in the right place. But that’s no bother. Use the UV Glitter Shaker with PaintGlow’s Glitter Fixing Gel to direct the little fairy particles to the right direction, but don’t be too set on the finished effect. Just sprinkle the shaker and get your glitter on!