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 : Morph Orbit - 6 LED
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 : Morph Orbit - 6 LED

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Morph Orbit - 6 LED

Brand : GloFX

* GloFX Morphing Orbit

* Led Orbit - 6 LED

* Red, Green, Blue, Multi Coloured Fantasy Morphing Micro Lights

* Continous Colour Changing lights

* Limitlessness Colour Combinations and Patterns

* Heavy Duty Nylon String

* Stainless Steel Rings

* Assembled using Steel Tooth Cable Ties

* Total length approx 28 inches

The GloFX Orbit Team has spent months researching the ultimate microlights for your GloFX orbit. Now there's no more figuring out what colours you like best or what order to put them in. With the new GloFX Morph Orbit your orbit colour combinations and patterns are literally LIMITLESS! With slow flashing microlights, your orbit will always be morphing and changing designs! Try staggering the lights when you turn them on for even more exciting designs and combinations.

Disclaimer: When used improperly GloFX toys can be dangerous, please be aware that when using Diffraction and Kaleidoscope glasses your vision will be impaired. Do not wear GloFX glasses while driving or operating machinery, do not run or look directly at the sun while you are using GloFX products. Under no circumstances will The Outdoor Fun Shop & affiliates be held liable for any damages or expenses by reason of use or sale of their products.