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The Flow Ring is an incredibly hypnotic 3D kinetic flowtoy designed to complement and enhance the joys of movement, dance and flow.

Created as a "flow" sculpture, Flow Rings are a complex series of toroidal rings that form an amazing single unit device that will spiral along your arm, down rope or along poles.

Celebrate the joy of movement with this incredibly hypnotic shape shifter.

They are becoming increasingly popular with physiotherapists and trainers as a fun way to encourage gentle exercise and rotational movements of upper joints and limbs for the young and the elderly.

It collapses flat and travels in it's own pouch until ready for use. Then, with just a nudge, it springs into a complex toroidal spiral that winds up and down your arms, legs, ropes, tubes or almost anything you can fit it to.

Apart from the sensual feel of the springs on your skin, the visual display is mesmerising and encourages you to perform with it, and for your friends to join in. Pass it from arm to arm, friend to friend, celebrate your flow, with a Flow Ring.

Now available in 5 colours to choose from Silver, Gold, Blue or Mauve (all made from stainless steel). Each flowring comes in its own carry bag.