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Life isn't just about working hard and being responsible,

it's when we smile and laugh and play,

alone or with friends, that we really live.

With that in mind, we started the Outdoor Fun Shop to make the coolest fun stuff from around the world, available to everyone, whether it's for a gift, a party or a major dance festival. From face and body transformation items such as our comprehensive range of UV reactive and Paints & Glitter, crayons and make up, to dance and flow devices such as Space Whips, Poi, Orbits, and so much more, you can find almost anything you want or can think of for your next event , right here on our site.

We have the best stuff, at the best prices, from the best companies, for the best festivallers ... in the world!



Come see us next at ... 


28-29TH FEBRUARY 2020

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